Home Furnishings by Sandra Stowell

photo of copper added to a light fixtureMiscellaneous useful art for around the home!

Strawbale Wall Niche,
straw wall, stucco, limewash, 1998

Bronze striding figure on base with red door


Closet doors
Acrylic paint & varnish on hollow core doors

Striding Figure in ResinAnother mural goose
Hall Mural
Latex house paint, approx. 3' high, runs on one side of a hallway (solid blue above), 2004

Stairway Mural,
Latex house paint. Since muted with a blue background (moon added), and a transparent mauve glaze, 2004

Sandra with one poppy bench
One of two paired benches
Exterior latex paint on salvaged tongue & groove flooring, with a polyurethane finish, for RoseWind common house, 2000 or 2001?